Life And Career Coaching Specialist

Jane Algus, M.D.

Psychiatrist & Psychotherapist located in Midtown West, New York, NY

Life and career coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential. At her psychiatric practice in the Midtown West neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City, Jane Algus, M.D. provides life and career coaching to help you get clarity around the gap between your present state and your desired future state and creates the energy to make that change happen. If you’re interested in life and career coaching, call Dr. Algus or schedule an appointment online today.

Life and Career Coaching Q & A

What should I expect during life and career coaching?

Life and career coaching create a platform for growth by clarifying your present challenge or opportunity. In this process, you and Dr. Algus identify success factors and alignments to uncover new insights, and then take informed strategic action while holding you to your commitments.

Coaching is a useful tool to examine issues related to job dissatisfaction and workplace ambition, as well as life and lifestyle transitions. Common transitions include moving from student life to the workplace or gearing up to shift from full-time employment to part-time or retirement. Navigating life changes like these are common reasons for seeking consultation with Dr. Algus.

What are life and career coaching?

Change is a way of life, and coaching is a tool which provides a vehicle and compass to help guide you so you can engage with purposeful change and get to a desired destination. Often it’s better to travel with a co-pilot, and Dr. Algus provides expert coaching services to help you achieve your goals.

Coaching is different from other forms of therapy. If you feel that you are creative, resourceful, and focused on specific goals by nature, life and career coaching can help you create a plan to achieve your short- and long-term goals. When you’re curious and open to discovery and spontaneity, change is possible.

Engaging in purposeful and transformational change is easier when facilitated by collaboration with a skilled advisor like Dr. Algus. During coaching sessions, she listens attentively, clarifies your values, helps you explore options beyond old boundaries, and holds you accountable to committed strategic action.

What issues can life and career coaching help address?

Dr. Algus uses coaching techniques to help you deal with a number of different challenges, including:

  • Work stress
  • Career transition
  • Work/life balance
  • Motivational inhibitions
  • Managing others with empathy
  • Conflicts relating to competing
  • Clarifying leadership style

If you think that you may be in need of coaching, but you’re not sure where to begin, call Jane Algus, M.D. or schedule your consultation at Dr. Algus’ Midtown West, Manhattan, practice using online booking today.